Monday, 11 October 2010

Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz (Part 1)

This is the first part of Ornette Coleman's 1960 album Free Jazz. This record invented the free jazz genre and this album signified its position in the jazz word. I dont really want to say anything about the piece, all I'll say is that the record was released just over a year after Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue", so, its pretty hip and radical man...

Becuase I cant be botherd stealing links of other blogs, typically "Taringa!" has provided the water to tame our thirst -and uploaded everything.

 I suggest getting,
This Is Our Music,
Free Jazz,
The Shape Of Jazz To Come and,
Science Fiction.

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lordy Lord and The Goose - Live at Trof (OJJM1_L)

For the next Space Family: Orange Juice release, I have packaged together a live recording of John McKeown/Benjamin Joel playing a few of John McKeown's songs under "Lordy Lord and The Goose".

The record is a good introduction to John, which will be followed up with an album soon. It was recorded in Trof, Fallowfield in Manchester as apart of "Shakey Joe's Odd Ball" a multi media (allthough primarily music event), with a lot of brilliant singer song writers from manchester playing. Which I have a full recording of, I could compile an album of the recordings if there is any interest? As with a lot of Orange Juice records, this is relitavley Lo-Fi, so is the recording of the whole day/night. ANYWAY, talking with John, this was like this third gig? Most of these songs don't have names (therefore, named by me) and were mostly improvised anyway. I dont really know who this record sounds like, its just very good, slightly jazzy acoustic songs about animals and the weather, sang with an incredible murmer you have, probably, never heard before.

Make. Yourself. Happy.

Three Best Tracks?
Black Lungs,
Wednesday Winter,

John doesnt have a myspace or exist. All that will probably come into being sooner or later. Anything that could possibley do with contacting him, can be asked here, I guess.