Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Song of September

Peter Broderick- With A Key

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Orange Juice / Shine Shut - Inside The Kings Warren (OJJH1)

Here's the other section of Space Family, Space Family: Orange Juice, which covers any brilliant Lo-Fi/Acoustic/Anything that isnt electronic, music.

This is a cassette I got from a friend through the post, its the second album he's put out as "Shine Shut" and deffinatley the best album he's done, Ive heard alot of his music over the past 2 years, all starting from finding a CD of his in a 'Borders' with 'Free' written all over it, I didnt know him at the time, a year later or so I saw a band play in a pub near me and fell in love with that band, turns out he was in the band blah blah. This is probabley the best album ive heard so far this year, deffinatley in the top 5. Everything from the songs themselves to the track listings and times is just perfect. Im probabley taking a bit away from this record by allowing it to be heard as MP3, but whatever. It sort of sounds like what I think R.E.M's very, very earliest recordings might sound like, or if Violet Femmes did a Daniel Johnston cover album between Violent Femmes and Hallowed Ground, Its perfect cassette music.

Three Best Tracks?
Crassas Mollasas,
Hello and,
Run With Me.